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Children love to give gifts to the people they love. The gesture of a gift means almost more than the actual gift, and the way a gift if presented can be as much of a treasure as what's inside. I love having
While most adults get a little anxious before a new experience, these feelings are often magnified in the minds of youngsters. Imaginations can go wild at the thought of a visit to the doctor or dentist, or
The holiday season is a time to build lifelong memories with your family. Traditions building up to Christmas can be as memorable than Christmas day. This time helps you to bond and reconnect with loved ones, friends
Preparation for toilet training is very key to a successful milestone of having your child use the potty by themselves. Here are some simple potty training tips and items that are easy to do at home. The
Do you shop in your very own town and community? Are you shopping local before your head to the big box stores? Did you know how beneficial it is to your local economy to spend money in your own small shops and
No parent wants their child to get sick over the winter, here are 5 foods that will help keep your kids out of the doctor’s office. The same plant that is used to ward off vampires is believed to help
Bringing up daughters is a unique journey for a father. There is no doubt there's a special bond. Parenting is a joint venture, but with fathers just as active participants as mothers, the outcomes
I recently had a very scary emergency and needed to think on my feet! Thankfully, I have created this sheet a long time ago.  So worth the time to do this. Creating an Emergency Information Sheet is a valuable
Children usually don't need any encouragement to play – it’s in their genes to do it, and offering toys in which to play safely is vital.  Who doesn't like to play with toys?  Did
Recently, I noticed an interesting sign posted on a second grade classroom door in my daughter's school. It said, "How Full Is Your Bucket Today?" I was curious about this and asked the classroom teacher
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