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Tux Math Command is a great free math game for kids that helps them practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you're familiar with the old Atari game "Missile Command," you can see from
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Parenting Apps can offer busy parents some much needed help.  We're all about finding ways to make life a little bit easier, aren't we? We have some suggestions to make managing life easier with kids
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Here are some other battery-saving tips from Digital Trends that apply to any smartphone, and that shouldn’t affect regular usage much: Turn down the volume and screen brightness. Find
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With the winter keeping most people indoors, so does the amount of exercise and activity level for the kids.  We have the Kinect for Xbox and that definitely makes the kids and my hubby and I break a sweat
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In my never-ending quest to cut down bills, we lowered the cable to basic cable where we only get a few local channels.  We got the  Roku streaming player for the tv in our bedroom.   I already
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We   got our first Roku Box a few months back.   I linked my Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts to the box in a matter of minutes. Set up was easy within 5 minutes  and the free content is
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Disney Epic Mickey is a MUST-HAVE for kids or adults who love Disney. This is a action-packed adventure where Mickey’s on a quest to become the worldwide favorite he is today. On the way, he travels through
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Mario Kart for Wii is a great multiplayer racing game for both boys and girls. The multiplayer feature is best for me since all three of my kids can play together at the same time. Variable difficulty levels make
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My son who is the non reader is also not the best math whiz either.  How do I get him to know the basic math facts.  In the olden days we would write out the math facts one by one now technology is
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Samsung Moment Smartphone I’ve owned a Samsung Smartphone by Sprint for nearly 2 years. I totally love the phone’s capabilities. I can manage documents, third party emails from varying accounts
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