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Cold and wet winter weather requires extra preparation to keep our pets safe and happy. I often hear of animals being left outside for lengthy amounts of time and this is just not a healthy thing to allow for your
Having a clean car is nearly impossible when you have kids! Give yourself some slack and know that with transporting kids, sports equipment and sometimes eating breakfast, lunch or dinner between activities
Fall cleanup isn't a favorite activity for our family, but it's an absolutely important task to complete before the first frost.   We have our top 5 outdoor tips to get you started: Mow until the
Our beloved pets are part of our family. We have photographs of our dogs, parrots, and pony all over our home. We simply love and adore them, and feel so blessed to have them in our
Name brand dishwashing tablets are convenient, but very expensive.  These tablets are very easy to make at home.  Each tablet will be around three cents each, so it's a significant savings
Do you host family and friends for dinner? Do you fear the work it takes to host an event for more than 6 people?  We have a quick cleanup routine for you to follow.  You will be able to
The stress and headache over misplaced items has been solved with Mabel's Labels. Mabel’s Labels is an award-winning creator of fantastic labels for kids!  Founded by four frustrated moms that needed
My husband is a weekend warrior. While I appreciate all the wonderful home improvements my husband does, I also worry about him not using the proper safety protection.  I know all too well of what
Ever wonder if those "TV Products" really work? NECN (New England News Network) has created a new segment called "Does it Work", hosted by Leslie Gaydos. Each week, she explores one of these products to see if
Recently I shattered a glass in the sink and I thought I had cleaned out all the broken glass, only to learn that a shard remained in the disposal. I discovered this when I turned on the disposal, heard it grind
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