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Have you heard of tea tree oil? It has many benefits, for adults and children. I started using tea tree shampoo a few months ago on my kids and love it! One of the major benefits of tea tree shampoo is that head
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The next time you have an extra lemon, consider using it for one of these great beauty tricks. Better yet...just go out and buy yourself a lemon to take advantage of one of its many benefits! Whiten your nails
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I ran out of my normal facial cleanser night last night and had no more.  I decided to try Johnson's  baby shampoo  that I had a available as a  alternative to clean my face. It  worked&nbs
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My teenage daughter came up with this tip. With two teenage girls and me in the house, there's a lot of shaving going on in our shower. I buy a big package of disposable women's razors at BJs for a pretty
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As I have unfortunately learned recently, most people have no idea what to say when someone they care about is grieving. This is especially true if it was a tragic loss (young person, freak accident, murder, etc)
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Peals or microdermabrasion damages the skin, and over time the skin will get thinner and weaker, or develop scar tissue. Ex-foliation is important and the key is to keep it gentle. Ground almonds are soft but
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I use both of these recipes and the honey can also be used on a wound to keep out bacteria.  I have't bought skin care products for 10 years.  Instead I use what I have in my pantry. Honey
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I have been making my own shampoo for nearly 10 years now.  I also make it for friends and family.  Here it is: 1 cup of fresh rosemary (not dried) 2 cups of distilled water (not tap) the water has
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You know those sunscreen sticks to use for your face?  My 3 1/2 year old daughter decided to use it all over her hair and it was gross.  With it's waterproof, waxy substance, her hair looked greasy
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Ever wonder how European women age gracefully? If you're an older mother like me where you grew up in the bell bottom retro 1970's but admired women like Sophia Lauren, Catherine Deneuve and other
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