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Are you ready to live your dream life?  A life of Balance, Purpose and Victory.  Let's begin your free 20 Day Plan to Live Well eCourse developed by Renee's Joy Journey.  Each morning just
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We recently decided to give martial arts classes a try to encourage the kids to improve some traits like self esteem and self control. We also liked the thought of having the kids learn some self defence techniques
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I found a great site for printable piano music.   There are quite a few fun recognizable songs that are perfect for kids who are just starting out on piano, or for some fun pieces to practice.  The arrangements
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How to Pick Out Guitar Picks: There are so many choices and how do you know what to select and why? Color: First of all there are a lot of color choices - and of coarse that is more a personal choice that anything
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The First Position: With playing guitar, you will be playing in what is called "positions". This is not a difficult thing to understand once you get the hang of it. If you look at your guitar, you
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The Case for Cases: One thing we all have to remember is that our guitars are very fragile. You drop them and they can crack. If you drop them on the floor, neck first and they neck or the headstock can crack
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Guitar Capos: After you have been hanging around a few guitarists for a little while you will hear the words "Guitar Capo" mentioned. If you have no idea what that means, read on.... What is a Guitar
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Dotted Notes: Notes that are dotted or have a dot placed after the note head are referred as "Dotted Notes". A note of any timing can be a Dotted Note. What Does The Dot Do? When a dot appears behind
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Chords in the Key of G Major (G, C, D7) Ultimate Kids Guitar Lessons Tip: Wondering how to read these chord diagrams? Go to our article Chord Diagrams to learn how. Chords in the Key of G Major: The next key
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Alternating Bass Chords: Once you get the hang of it, alternating bass chords are quite easy to play. The hardest part of it, is getting the chords to sound clearly, without buzzing and without muting out the strings
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