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Smoothies are a wonderful way to add beneficial nutrition to your diet, and including a source of fiber is even better. Flax seeds may seem like an unusual ingredient to a smoothie, but they blend in really well
Getting kids to finish their meals can be a struggle, especially when you're not around to cajole them into eating. And as a parent, you are responsible for teaching them good eating habits that they will carry
Here are some snack choices that you can feel good about for your kids when they arrive home with hungry bellies. Yogurt Parfait – Layer vanilla yogurt, berries and/or bananas and granola in a
If you are trying to cut back on eating carbs, you really do some easy substitutions  to make the low carb or South beach  diet lifestyle work for you.  Men’s health has compiled  some
A follow up to his famous book, Raising Baby Green, Dr. Alan Greene, "green" pediatrician has written a new book called Feeding Baby Green. According to the good doctor, the process of
Since I'm not as active as I used to be, I find that the holiday season presents the bigggest challenge to not gaining weight. With all of the parties and get togethers where everyone pulls out alll the stops
When my son was teething nothing seemed to help until I discovered he liked to eat frozen mixed veggies.  He was an older toddler, so I wasn't too worried about choking (still watched him eat, though)
With Halloween quickly approaching, moms everywhere are hitting the stores for candy to hand out to trick or treaters.   For a quick claorie count of some of the more popular candy selections check out
There are many diets out there and I've learned that depending on your specific body, not all work. It's OK to try different diets until you find one that works for you for achieving weight loss, maintaining
Do you want to lose weight as you eat? Your favorite store is filled with foods that can help make you slim! Fat fighting foods such as almonds, berries, and cinnamon can help make you thinner as you eat. Be sure
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