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  Home & Garden
Chores are part of the course in a family. When you offer tasks to even the smallest of family members it teaches responsibility and care for their surroundings. We have gathered age appropriate chores to help
  Home & Garden
Are you having a hard time opening up your child's bedroom door these days? Well, your not alone. Is the clutter getting out of control? We have some ideas to help you bring back the bedroom you can actually move
I've recently been touched by some parents reaching out for support as they raise their special needs children.  As a former special needs teacher, I have a special place in my heart for those children that
  Health & Safety
Are you noticing an upswing in fires in your community this winter?  I sure am, as well as our fire department.  According to the State of Massachusetts Fire Marshal Stephen Coan, "The winter months will
We know that new fathers need a little guidance in what exactly a new mother needs when caring for a newborn. Often, dads feel left out and early confidence building will encourage a father to take on parenting
There are many things we can do to protect our children online. Teenagers, most especially - don't fully understand, how their photos, videos and comments can potentially create problems. During this season of
When I was a teacher, I learned about this very cool idea—The Bias Free Classroom—I even had a guidebook from the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). I was delighted by
  Home & Garden
According to a recent poll, U.S. families voted for their favorite backyard activities. The top five included everything from grilling and swimming to games and such... You can find lots more fun ideas for
New, stay at home moms or dads will find that late afternoon until children's bedtime will be the most challenging hours of the day. These hours are often packed with routines (meal, bath, and bed) at a time
Bathrooms can be a very dangerous place for kids.  We often take it for granted that our children will just be in those places for brief amounts of time, but it's imperative to childproof bathrooms as soon
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