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Jokes for Kids

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Kids love computers and technology. Enjoy sharing these amusing computer jokes with your friends and loved ones. Lots of these jokes are a play on words with computer lingo and are certain to give you a chuckle
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Silly Jokes for Kids There is nothing like a joke or two to really lighten up the mood with laughter. Kids and adults alike will love sharing silly jokes like these with one another. Share them with your family
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Kid Friendly Jokes to Keep Your Kids Laughing Add a little bit of comedy to your family time by adding in some of these tummy tickling kid friendly jokes. Children of all ages with enjoy the feel good feeling that
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Keep lots of laughter in your life with these super silly jokes for kids. Kids will love learning these jokes and telling them to everyone that they know. These kid friendly jokes are a great way to share smiles
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Enjoy this collection of hilarious knee slapping kids jokes for lots of laughs for all ages. Tell a joke or two in the car or at dinner time and share some laughter with your family and friends. These jokes are
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Laughter is truly the best medicine, but doctor and dentist visits are inevitable to keep us all healthy and strong. Lighten the mood on days where medical appointments are on the calendar and add some laughter
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Enjoy this grouping of child-friendly knock knock jokes that will make your family and friends chuckle. You can never have too many silly knock knock jokes on hand. Share them at school, at home or at the park
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This collection of food jokes will have you coming back for more. Share these funny food jokes with family and friends to bring a bit of laughter to every meal. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta Who
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Take laughter to a whole new level of the atmosphere with these hilarious outer space jokes. Share these witty jokes with your family and friends and you will be sure to have a real blast. Hod do you know that
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Share these hilarious school jokes with your teachers and friends. These are great for the lunchroom, recess, travelling on field trips and anytime there is free time to share. These jokes are sure to put a smile
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