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Save to My List   Riddles for Kids
Tantalize the brains of your family and friends with these mind thrilling riddles. Riddles challenge thinking skills and are so much fun to ask and attempt to answer. These are great to include on trips, drives
Save to My List   Jokes for Kids
They say that laughter is the best medicine, so here is a whopping dose of hilarious family friendly jokes to sprinkle into your day. Children of all ages will enjoy these silly clean jokes. These jokes are easy
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
This art project is a fun way to draw in cartoon form with the concept of depth on a flat piece of drawing paper. When you trace your hands and feet, you are essentially filling in the body behind those extremities
Save to My List   Jokes for Kids
Just for Fun Jokes Keep the laughter alive in your family with the addition of some Just for Fun Jokes that are family friendly and that children will love. Have a joke telling session on a long car ride or add
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
Create fabulously designed vibrant tie dye t-shirts with less mess. This fun and easy art project uses Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol to create a beautiful design masterpiece for your wardrobe. What I like
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
Turn trash into treasure and create fun and beautiful garden art out of recyclable plastic water bottles. This fun project is suitable for all ages to enjoy so even the littlest artists can join in on the fun
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
Create a masterpiece of abstract art that you will be proud to display by using painter's tape and acrylic paint on canvas. This is a great art project for all ages to enjoy. You can be as detailed as you would
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
Create your own watercolor painted stationary, postcards, or lovely visual art by using doilies and watercolors to make lovely stenciled artwork. This art project is very easy to do and produces magical results
Save to My List   Science Experiments
Gather a whole bunch of common objects from around your home or yard and perform the Float or Sink Experiment with your little ones. In this experiment, children can make predictions about whether or not an item
Save to My List   Family Games
Get your kids outdoors this summer and scavenging for the abundant treasures that they will find in nature. Armed with a well thought out list of items to find in their outdoor environment, they'll eagerly look
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