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Fun at Home

  Brainteasers & Puzzles
Challenge your friends and family to the task of getting an egg to float in a glass of water. Then, when they are unsuccessful and say that it cannot be done, follow the steps below to do just that. In this puzzling
  Arts & Crafts
When our gardens are in full bloom, we often wish that they would stay around forever. Why not preserve some of the magnificent displays of fresh flowers so that you can incorporate them into a wide variety of
  Arts & Crafts
Create incredibly fragrant and all natural dough ornaments and sculptures with this fascinating and unique homemade play dough. We happened upon this pleasant dough by accident when one of our children dumped
  Science Experiments
Grow your own rock crystals and geodes with this spellbinding science experiment. Geodes are pockets of crystals that form in sedimentary and igneous rocks. They start as hollow spaces in rock that is porous enough
  Science Experiments
Grab a couple of easily accessible items from your pantry and let some gummy worms give you and your family an entertaining science lesson about density and buoyancy. Kids of all ages will be intrigued by the
  Science Experiments
If your are looking for a quick and easy science experiment that will mesmerize young scientists without the mess, then try rolling a soda can using static electricity. This kind of experiment is a great way to
  Science Experiments
Children of all ages will enjoy this visually stimulating experiment which is full of foamy fun. The chemical reaction that takes place quickly before your eyes is exciting for young scientists and provides immediate
  Jokes for Kids
Hilarious History Jokes Add a little bit of humor to your history studies with these hilarious history jokes. School aged children and adults will definitely get some laughs as they explore periods in history accented
  Arts & Crafts
Create magical memories that will last when you create your own precious stepping stones. Time flies by so quickly and so many times we have such good intentions on preserving the moments that are so fleeting
  Riddles for Kids
Start a new tradition of riddle telling in your family. Riddles are a great way to get your family's brains engaged in a fun and entertaining way. Riddles are great to have on hand when you are travelling, during
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