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Get your kids outdoors this summer and scavenging for the abundant treasures that they will find in nature. Armed with a well thought out list of items to find in their outdoor environment, they'll eagerly look
Quell boredom with this easy to set up and play Marshmallow Launch Game. This is a game where flinging food is actually encouraged. Players are divided into teams of two where there is a launcher and a catcher
Enjoy the fun non-competitive game of Sounds Charades. This game is a fun and interesting twist on the classic game of charades, except that you can make sounds instead of body motions. Players of all ages will
Mix things up out in the yard today with a game of Crab Soccer. Crab soccer follows similar guidelines to the traditional game of soccer, except for the silly positioning that the players must remain in during
Try playing The Blindfolded Artist Drawing Game for family game night tonight. In this game one person from each team tries to draw the word he or she sees on a card while he is blindfolded. The members of both
Sidewalk chalk is such a fun and calming activity, yet it sometimes leaves you at a loss of what to draw. Try making Chalk Body Tracing Portraits with your friends and family members and marvel at the chalk masterpieces
Stay cool and have lots of laughs on a hot summer day when you play the Dump the Cup and Pass the Water Game. This game is a great boredom buster on a warm day that will certainly jazz up the mood on any low energy
Enjoy the What Am I Guessing game with your family and friends. In this hilarious game, everyone playing will know the answer to what the guesser is, except for the the guesser himself. This game is fast paced
Play a game of Monkey See Monkey Do and see just how sly and sneaky you can be. This game is much like the game of Simon Says except that players more discreetly follow the lead of the selected monkey and there
When the weather is nice and the kids want to get outside and play and schoolwork still awaits them, try out a game of Spelling or Vocabulary Building Baseball. This activity is played out similarly to regular
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