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Have family members and friends partner up for this classic backyard game. Wheelbarrow races are best described as a two-member team race in which one team member holds the legs of the other, as if they are holding
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Challenge family members to a fun family game that uses pool noodles and balloons. This game is intriguing to watch, as the instructions and the competitive nature of any contest reveals a definite struggle in
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Create a volcanic eruption right in your own backyard when you Build a Backyard Volcano. Enjoy the science of acids and bases and make fun use of the chemical reaction that occurs between baking soda and vinegar
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Mix things up a bit and play a game of Water Balloon Volleyball. This game follows the rules of traditional volleyball, except that instead of a volleyball, you will be using a water balloon. Volleying will ensue
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Set the stage at home for lots of giggles and capture the magic of childhood and family on film. We have all seen the popularity of photo booths at weddings and other party events. The photos taken and shared
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Gather some handy items that you have at home to create a beanbag tossing game. Create your own colorful bean bags and use a step ladder from the garage to create a cool backyard game that all of your family will
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If you are looking for a way to cool off on a hot summer day when the temperatures are at their peak, add this Funtastic Frozen Clothing Race to your activity list. Surprise your school aged children and adults
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Surprise the kids by hanging a special dessert treat to a tree branch and announce that you will be Bobbing for Donuts! Sometimes, the element of surprise is the very best way to capture the memories. This activity
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Hold a fun family relay or play this entertaining twist on a relay race at your next party. Adults and children of most age groups will have a blast with this unconventional Backyard Popcorn Cup Relay Race
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Create a large chalkboard right in your own backyard. Bring Art and the Outdoors together with this super fun family project which will keep the kids happy for many many hours of outdoor play. Kids love using
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